One is made from a tweed jacket which celebrates the jackets design features and labels, whilst the other makes a checked wool more feminine by creating ruffles with a hint of blue ribbon to pull out the colour in the jacket pattern.












Helen Rhiannon Gill teaches people how to sew through her All Sewn Up Workshops, she is also a fashion designer specialising in unique handmade wedding dresses. She is lucky to live by the beautiful coastline of Gower in Swansea and has been running her own business for 10 years. She loves that her hobbies are her full time career and is never happier than when she is being creative in her log cabin in the garden! Helen is a Super Crafter and ambassador for Love Your Clothes, a campaign that encourages people to care for, repair, alter and upcycle clothes to get more from their wardrobes and reduce the environmental impact of clothing,

The full article is in the October 2017 issue of Sewing World magazine