You can download the pattern sheets for 2016 issues of Sewing World from here. These are pdf files and are usually A1sized sheets.

To print an A1 pattern sheet, save the file to your computer, open with a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat, and print as tiled A4 pages at actual size (100%). If your required pattern covers more than one A4 sheet, then tape the sections together.

Please ensure that you save the pdf files before printing at 100%

July 2016 Pattern Sheet 1
July 2016 Pattern Sheet 2

Insect Clock, Vintages 1940s Blouse, Picnic Blanket, Cyclist Backpack, Apron and Chef hat, Fruity Skirt, Embroidered Pincushion.

August 2016 Pattern Sheet 1
August 2016 Pattern Sheet 2
Butterick retro dress, Appliqued Sunglasses set, Hand Embroidered Espadrilles, Retro Toiletry Bags, Vintage Circle Duffle Bag, Embroidered Needlecase

September 2016 Pattern Sheet 1
September 2016 Pattern Sheet 2
Pecil case, Apple and Pear pincushions, Constellate Quilt, Gift Tags, Whisper Caftan, Laptop bag, Ladies hooded sweatshirt, Jampot covers.

October 2016 Pattern Sheet 1
October 2016 Pattern Sheet 2
Mohair Cardigan, Folksy Tea Cosy, Denim tunic shirt, Bird Brooch, Little pocket necklace, Autumn Glory table mat, Owl Cushion, Draught excluder.

November 2016 Pattern Sheet 1
November 2016 Pattern Sheet 2

December 2016 Pattern Sheet 1
December 2016 Pattern Sheet 2