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Pattern Sheets     

2017 Pattern sheets

By Sewing World

You can download the pattern sheets for 2017 issues of Sewing World from here. These are pdf files and are usually A1 sized sheets.

To print an A1 pattern sheet, save the file to your computer, open with a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat, and print as tiled A4 pages at actual size (100%). If your required pattern covers more than one A4 sheet, then tape the sections together.

Please ensure that you save the pdf files before printing at 100%

January 2017 Pattern Sheet 1 
January 2017 Pattern Sheet 2 

Patchwork Ironing Board Cover, Hemmingway Hippo and Pig, Letter in a Bottle Pincushion, Embroidered Height Chart, Leather Purse and Wallet, Reversible Apron, Takara Blouse, Yoga Outfit.
February 2017 Pattern Sheet 1 
February 2017 Pattern Sheet 2 

Be My Valentine T-Shirt Dress, Loving Hearts Wall hanging, Embroidered Photo Album, Flower Brooches, Keepsake Teddy, Valentines Tie, Rag Doll, Ava Skirt, Child's Apron.
March 2017 Pattern Sheet 1 
March 2017 Pattern Sheet 2 

Fairy Crown and Wings, Boys Colour Block Sweatshirt, Fabric Storage Boxes, Moon and Cloud Cushions, Ives Shift Dress, Embroidered Lampshade, Little Bear, Nursey Blocks
April 2017 Pattern Sheet 1 
April 2017 Pattern Sheet 2 

Easter Bunny Garland, Robot Backpack, April Showers, Hoop Art, Gardening Caddy, Bunny Cushion, True North Tote, Portland Top, Girls Hooded Dress, Hip Bag
May 2017 Pattern Sheet - Monkey Business Boys Twin Piece, Girls Spring Appliqué Dress, Fabric Vegetable Delights, Washing Day Laundry Set, Orton Pyjama Bottoms, Big Top Toy Sack 


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